D.l. Jackson Mt. Bethal Ministry

The Club was organized in 1965 by our late Pastor, Dr. Daniel L. Jackson. The Club was originally known as the "New Members Club" and its name was changed to the Jackson Club at the end of the first year of service. The purpose of the name-change was to honor the late Pastor Daniel L. Jackson.

We are currently under the pastorship of Reverend Dr. John T. Rhodes, Sr. and Pastor Rhodes revealed his vision to the members regarding the need to better reflect upon the memory of the late Pastor Jackson by perpetuating his spiritual ideas and carrying on his work with the Mt. Bethel Association. Pastor Rhodes also suggested a name change to better reflect upon Reverend Jackson's ministry and spiritual leadership. In February 2001 our name was officially changed to the D.L. Jackson/Mount Bethel Center Ministry. On March 24, 2001, the mission and vision of the D.L. Jackson/Mt. Bethel Ministry was presented to Pastor Rhodes. (Note of interest: March 24 was Reverend D. L. Jackson's birthday).

In 1901 the "Mother Churches" of the Mt. Bethel Baptist Association of DC, MD and VA decided to purchase a piece of land at Mathias Point, King George, VA, for an "Old Folks Home". The property was left in the hands of a future generation of Baptists. Our Association has more land than any other Baptist group in the Eastern United States. Many other pastors and congregations wanted to advance the work at Mt. Bethel Baptist Center—Rev. Dr. D. L Jackson was one of them.

Our Mission Statement is:
"And he said unto them, Go Ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". . .Mark 16:15

Our Mission—based on the above scripture-
-to maintain our spiritual goals by reaching out to lost souls in the community by spreading the "good news"
-to support ongoing projects at Mt. Bethel
–to assist with the edification and betterment of
Mt. Bethel improvement projects.

Our Vision: "And the men did the work faithfully"...2" d Chronicles 34: 12
– to labor for the future development and improvement of Mt. Bethel Center.

This is the mission and vision of the D. L. Jackson/Mt. Bethel Center Ministry: to work faithfully and diligently in order to keep the hopes and dreams of the Late Pastor Daniel L. Jackson alive. Our meetings are held every fourth Saturday in the Jackson Building from 11:00am until 1:00pm


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